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I want to thank:

My family

My father, Ben Brahim Abdelhadi:

You have supported me even in the harshest and most difficult periods. You've always been for me a great source of inspiration and confidence. You taught me the values ​​of honesty, modesty and honor. You've always fought for me and my sides. You always believed in me even if you had no idea what I was doing. Without your support, I shall certainly never have happened there. I am eternally grateful to you.

My mother, Aicha Hibbi:

You have supported me during all these years without complaint or dissatisfaction. I remember the years you spent with me and nothing but me during my medical studies, the joy on your face when I succeeded, the tears that flowed down your cheeks whenever I failed. So much happiness and so much trouble. But you never let me down or stopped believing in me. You saved me the time to do what I always dreamed of doing, to devote myself to this project. I now share with you the fruits of my labor and your patience.

My little sister Zineb:

"Those who do the actual work are often in the shade", this is true for my little sister Zineb who cares for me and the family. Thank you for your kindness, your care and your support.

My sister Asma:

Your work and your family you may be forced to live away from us, but know that you are always present in our hearts, Thank you for your support and help you and your husband Abdelghani Kayfouf and the rest of the family Kayfouf , Adbennasser in particular. I am very grateful to you.

Qesmi the family:

You're maybe not rich in terms of money or property, but I found you a very warm and very generous very friendly host family. I will never forget the beautiful moments I spent with you, or when you looked after me, I love you all: Salem, Fatima Mohammed, Merouane, Othman and Omar. I shall be forever grateful.

My best friend Maureen Conner Tenore

"The friend in need is the friend indeed", less than a year and half ago we were perfect strangers. You liked what I'm doing and Gave me endless support. At a very long period of time You Were the only person to encourage me to keep forward, and That Means so much to me. You Provided me with everything I needed for this work, altho we never really puts gold Knew Each Other, well not now That you are family goal before. To me You Were Both a friend and a mother and much more. Always listening, always caring and always giving. I have never had Any friend like you and I Will Likely more. I wish all the joy and happiness to you, your family and your friends. Thank you.

To my best friend Maureen Conner Tenore that many funded this work and has always encouraged me to continue to persevere and give the best of myself.

For my best friend Maureen Conner Tenore, you-have always been there for me, and no matter what I Asked for, Would you give me with no hesitation. At Some Point You Were the only one pushing me forward, I Hope that someday I'll be ble to Prove my deep gratitude for you and your family.

My Professors:

My professor of anatomy ALAMI HMIDANE TAYA:

I have the great honor to present this work in honor of your memory. All the first class of students from the Faculty of Medicine loves you and admires you. You we have not only taught anatomy, you also dug us art to practice medicine with honesty, with modesty and especially with conscience. Your generosity towards students has never experienced such and enthusiasm to teach has never been equaled. I loved anatomy and medicine because of you and I will continue to practice medicine as you have taught us.

My professor My Farih Hassan:

You've been a father for all generations of students of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Fez. You've provided advice & support throughout our years of study, all students of the faculty you are grateful.

My professor and thesis rapporteur Belahsen Mohammed Faouzi:

I congratulate you first for the quality of your teaching and your progress within the faculty, and also for your excellent support in the neurology department. Your educational training method gave us a lot of confidence in ourselves, we future doctors. Is involved in your service to develop diagnostics and even offer lines. I did not felt so now really practicing medicine that when I was in your service. While in other services, I was only taking blood pressure and temperature.

I will never forget the time or even after leaving the neurology department for a year, you invited me to see if a small child had any myopathy in explaining his symptoms. I also do not forget the other day when you invited me to the service to show me what Kayser Fleischer ring, and how it had helped to diagnose Wilson's disease in a pa-tient. I felt as a professor of medicine for your interest in me explain these two cases, not as an external vulgar that has nothing to do but nice to walk around the halls with a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer hand .

I enjoyed working with you in topics such as paraplegia, the neurological examination and especially neurological physiology. I share your view that education should be a source of inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm rather than filling and forced labor.

My professors of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Fez:

Thank you for the quality of your reimbursement as well in school than at the hospital, I want to thank in particular Mrs TIZNITI SIHAM (Chief of Radiology), Mr. Chief LOUCHI ABDELLATIF service chirurgiue B, Professor HIDA MOUSTAPHA The manager of Pediatrics. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, your support and your support.

My Friends

Hamdoune Hanane:

There are three years you gave me a lesson I have never forgotten that life is worth living, with passion and enthusiasm until the last moment. Your death was a turning point in my life. You have certainly left us but I always kept you in my mind. I have never seen anyone face death with such courage, I dedicate this work to honor your memory. May God keep you in his holy mercy.

To all my friends:

ElMejdi Isam Ibrahim Lmehjoubi Khalid Laajili, Rabii Idrissi Hicham ElKehwi Issam Jbabri, Zakaria, Ansis Youness, Elhachimi Hicham Chakib Elmaaroufi Youssef Elbouyehyawi, Boukhrissa Amal Lamyae Benbrahim Rachid Taghlawi, Arlene, Rafaela Gonçalves, Wendy Hailey, Ramona Elena Che Rhee ... and all the others.

To all those who have encouraged this project from near and far across the world, thanks for your encouragement, your support and warm comments without which I could not have done.


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