Making-Of 1. The idea

1. The idea

yellow-warning1Article automatically translated : We'll be reviewing and optimising it soon ...

toussurorbite My first and last love is the universe, space, cosmos ... Large, huge and infinite. You can not see a hundred billion galaxies that occupies each filled with about a hundred billion stars. Light (the fastest known phenomenon when) through the diameter of our galaxy 100,000! In this huge pile, what are we? What is our place in this universe majestic and imposing?

innerlifeofthecellbig1 The idea of ​​carrying out this video series came to mind there 6 years watching a television series about the solar system "All in orbit", a series that I have seen and reviewed and revised many times and I recommend to everyone else. Although this series addresses topics that are far from the concerns of real life people, she manages to capture the viewer's attention with its simplicity, beauty scenes and charming atmosphere.

Some months later, I had the chance to discover a video made by Harvard University in the USA on cell function (The inner life of the cell), the scenes are breathtaking, it takes a lot of fun to watch the video while learning about the biology, and it is more tangible than a text or a diagram because it is visual, it's 3D, it's busy and it's nice to see.

innerlifeofthecellbig2 It was then that I realized that we can make learning both engaging and fun if the courses are presented in a beautiful, accessible and well cared for. The great problem of education today is that the student perceives the material as a burden, a chore which he wants to get rid as soon as possible. While science should be approached quite differently.

Using audio-visual education to teach 3d neurophysiology and for the more convenient and easy human brain. The brain provides a considerable effort to decipher the code of a text, so that it can enter into a coup d'illuminates the different parts of an image. If the image is animated, so it is well defined in space and if there is a description language spoken accompanying single, then we have a perfect synergy of all the necessary ingredients to captivate the attention of the student and seek his interest.