Chapters 6- Cognition 01. Cognition - Overview

01. Cognition - Overview

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Outside the related functions (sensory) and efferent (motor) that we studied, the CNS (especially the brain) is responsible for the development of highly complicated and difficult to study functions usually called: the higher functions [ 42 ].

This entity includes complex processes such as memory and learning, language, consciousness, judgment and other functions of the mind.

In this chapter, we will discuss consciousness, what it is and where it may well emerge. Speaking of consciousness leads us automatically to describe sleep, why we sleep? And the brain does in his waking state?

We will begin the language, one of the most fascinating features of the human race because without this option it would not have been possible to transmit knowledge from generation to generation and so it was not possible to make any progress.

We will also discuss the memory and learning, two functions completely related, interconnected and vital.

We will also talk about the limbic system and its role in complex functions such as memory, emotions, and executive functions [ 161 , 162 ].

Chapters 6- Cognition 01. Cognition - Overview