Making-Of 9. Coming soon

9. Coming soon

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neuromatiq20 In versions that follow this Neuromatiq version 1.0, I'll try:

  • Create a website dedicated to the project using HTML5/Java rather than flash, because even if the flash applications are compatible with internet browsers, they still remain as a foreign body to the search engines have no way of analyze their content.
  • Translate the entire contents of the thesis in English and why not Arabic. I had many requests in this direction on the part of people who do not understand French but would have liked to watch and understand the video of this project.
  • Complete production remains videos. Four videos are already being post-production, this is the case for vision (72 scenes), the tactile, hearing and synapses. Unfortunately, I have not been able to complete lack of time.
  • Add an additional chapter on electro-physiological investigations and imaging in neurology.
  • Improve and expand the interactive 3D animations made by Flare3d. Unfortunately the official version of the program to date limit the number of polygons to use for each scene at 8000 polygons, the organs are not presented as smooth and beautiful as in the videos. In October 2010, The Adobe company presented its latest version of flash which incorporates a new generation of 3D can benefit from hardware acceleration of graphics cards, making it possible to scenes 3D models on full stage (up 3 million polygons) almost as beautiful and fluid than in the videos. An alpha version of this version Code-Name Molehill was launched at the end of February 2011, I had the chance to test it and it's really amazing. But since it is still in alpha stage, I will use it in a later version.

Outside support Neuromatiq, I have other projects in mind that rather related programming in medicine, there are many aspects to automate and computerize in medical and hospital practice and I hope to continue and contribute in this sense.

Making-Of 9. Coming soon