Making-Of 8. Programmation

8. Programmation

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Although the program was carried out under Neuromatiq Adobe flash, it was built entirely from lines AS3 (Action Script 3) code that I built block by block. The flash program contains in its library fonts and use the loader loading and descriptive icons used for the section (see also). Everything else is loaded from outside the application, which gives the application an enormous flexibility for these external factors can be modified outside of Flash.

There are more lines of code that the entire text of the thesis. That said, There are no lines of code that are repeated. This is due to the number of features offered by the program (animated welcome, navigation features, the custom video player, image gallery, interactive animations ...

I rewrote the code of the entire program at least three times to meet performance, stability, and design to avoid bugs (unexpected behavior). This is the case for example Loader to launch the program that loads all the necessary content of the thesis before starting the program, a feature that was not foreseen at the beginning. The charger takes a few seconds before starting the application but it is more convenient than having to wait until DVD drive spins for access to text each time.

Neuromatiq is an extremely dynamic Flash/AS3 Application: data load are held in accessible and editable outside the program with a simple text editor XML files. The text of the thesis are formatted in HTML and styled with a single page CSS style which allows if you change your mind about the shape, color, or text layout to change a single line of code that it applies to all the texts used.

The special section includes interactive animations (in preliminary level) offers the user the ability of the program to manipulate 3D bodies in three-dimensional space, this is very important for the user to assimilate the spatial arrangement of organs. Implementation of these graphical models from 3dsmax software has been achieved through the API (application programming interface) Flare3d.

Making-Of 8. Programmation