Making-Of 4. Workflow

4. Workflow

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Workflow Workflow is a technical word for the sequence of steps required to come to the end of any project, especially IT.

Production of this kind requires a real animation studio units with several qualified people taking care of each stage of the project, which is responsible for drafting a unit to create 3D models, others load textures, lighting and rendering, a unit for animation and camera movements, others making the post-production, a unit loading of the sound recording, for mounting, for programming etc ...

Unfortunately, in this case I was alone on the project. The only advantage it has is to have a perfect control and a clear idea about what I want, so I could work the way I liked and realize exactly what I had in mind. The major drawback is that it takes a lot of time.

For all videos, workflow was so linear, one step after another. Each step consists of other steps and so on.

The procedure depended on the video in question. The animations of anatomy, it usually started from the 3D software as was described earlier. For a video as nerve impulses, it was rather two-dimensional, so most of the work was done on AfterEffect.

For any professional achievement, establish the appropriate Workflow is an absolute necessity. The organization is paramount in this type of project if you do not want to get lost in the piles of images produced sequences. A simple example is the video of the cerebellum, it takes only 3 minutes when it was made from 28,000 synthetic!

Workflow does not apply only to the project as a whole. Indeed, each application requires a specific data organization and a specific sequence of maneuvers to get the maximum.