Download Neuromatiq

Only available in French language :( ... for now...

Download torrent:

torrentThere are 2 links for Neuromatiq torrent downloading :

  • The first torrent link ( torrentsearch_icon48 ) Contains two iso images for the 2 mediums (Programme and DVD video). After finally completely uploaded this first version, I realized there was a problem for video of the neurotransmission on the program volume.
  • So I uploaded a second torrent link containing only the program version. It is also decompressed. You can download this version here ( torrentsearch_icon48 ).

Thank you for seeding after completing the download to help those who still want to download this product. I highly recommend the use of torrents to download, it saves a lot of bandwidth on the website.

Direct Download:

 In addition to the torrent links I recomande, I also uploaded the full DVD program on the website, here are the links for direct download :



Download DVD Covers and Labels:

DVD-cover-black DVD-cover-white DVD-Program3 DVD-vidos3 Levels-1 Levels-2-

Download the book:

pdf-icon Other links: Source 1 , Source 2