Making-Of 2. Research

2. Research

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Before starting to work on this project, I had to first have an idea on what has already been produced in this way. I collected a lot of books on physiology in general and in particular neurophysiology. And a collection of videos and medical 3D animations just to have a visual reference as inspiration.

Several computer applications related to the physiology and neuroanatomy exist, I quote: "Neuroanatomy, 3D-Stereoscopic Atlas of the Human Brain", "Interactive Physiology", "Digital Anatomist: Interactive Brain Atlas", "Mediaphys 3.0" ... These supports include videos or very educational and very rewarding interactive 3D animations.

What struck me most in my research is the collection of videos TTC "The Teaching Company" series, especially "Understanding the Brain" Jeanette Nordon, I recommend this series to anyone interested to know how the nervous system works, I also quote "Understanding the human body", "Biology: The Science of Life", "Biology and the human behavior" ... and others (see educational references).

streoscopique1 Through these media I started to build my ideas on how to present my work at the medical student and the other without it being boring or complicated.

He also took me a long time to find training materials for multimedia creation and programming.

The net today is replete with references whatsoever for medicine or computer science. Today, there is likely to access the contents of a medical book on Google books in particular that I constantly used, we have in our disposal a lot of video tutorials on how to use a software product or on how carry out a project of this kind in general.