Making-Of 6. Sound

6. Sound

yellow-warning1Article automatically translated : We'll be reviewing and optimising it soon ...

The importance of sound in an audio-visual production is often underestimated. Yet it is the soundtrack that directs the viewer's emotions and gives the video an emotional dimension. A video without background noise or sound problem is like a picture without color or worse.


Its management in this project had a double bind. First a hardware problem since I did not have a real recording kit, which sounded on the sound quality of the first achievements. I used my simple headset I was using for many years, I recorded putting my head in a box to strengthen my voice with echoes while maintaining a serious tone, and I spent a lot of time on software Sound Editing of purifying the recorded sound ... in short, it was a nightmare. Until I met Maureen Conner Tenore united states who was impressed by my work and supported me financially.

Maureen sent me from the united states recording kit (microphone and sound card) High quality, RAM drive, a hard drive 1 terabyte, a powerful graphics card, an 8GB USB key, even a camera and a color laser printer to print the text of the thesis and many other things. It was practically the only finance the project and encouraging.

The second major challenge is the choice of background music background. This is a task that may seem easy enough when it poses a problem. I had to go to comb about 50,000 pieces of different categories, music movies, video games, commercials, computer media, music albums ... The choice depended on the quality of the song and the feeling that video must generate. Eg Video on LCR it took a piece of aqua-type "liquid environment" because it is the description of a liquid. For nerve impulses is more troubled electronic rhythm.

After the audio recording, I do the treatment on his Soundbooth to clean sound, add effects and make quality Sound Editing, sometimes I also use Adobe Audition for more elaborate effects (such as Multiband Compressor - Broadcast by example).

I record the final wave sound in WAV format for import into the platform after video editing: First AfterEffect or pro.