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Ben Brahim Mohammed


Hi, my name is Mohammed Ben Brahim. I was born in Meknes in Morocco 28 May 1980. I am currently a child psychiatrist at Béni Mellal - Fès. I was previously a post-graduate physician in child psychiatry at the Huderf hospital in Brussels - Belgium for the academic year 2013 - 2014 and resident in child psychiatry at the hospital Ibn Al Hassan - Hassan II University Hospital in Fes.

Since my childhood, I have always felt a tremendous passion and an endless fascination for science in general, in particular space and the universe, the science of life (biology). and had a passion for computer science and cinema.

In 1999, I enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Fez, I liked every basic science discipline: biophysics, biology, anatomy and physiology. I always had this desire to discover how this incredible human machine works.

In 2005, I had my first real computer. Since then, computer science has become an obsession for me. I spend all my time at my computer, learning how to use software, watching tutorial videos, or making something.

In 2007, I created Medmatiq, a forum that I wanted to dedicate to medical informatics.

I participated in the creation of two audio-visual neurology CD mediums (paraplegia and neurological examination).

I've always wanted to make a professional quality project to explain the functioning of the nervous system, but I did not know it was going cost me 4 years of my life

When I first met with Professor Belahsen to discuss in more detail the Neuromatiq project, he said : "I want it to be better than the theses we have made so far!", I replied: "I want it to be better than the theses to come !".

The human brain is something fascinating, something wonderful and fantastic. I have always seen and enjoyed it as so, but how to share this vision I have with others ? Fortunately, the technology of computer graphics today allows us to overcome this obstacle.

For a long time, I fully immersed myself in everything that could be useful for me to present this project in the way I wanted. I watched over 30,000 video tutorials on different computer platforms and theoretical concepts. Now, I can handle well enough 3dsmax, Photoshop, AfterEffect, Flash/AS3, HTML / XML / CSS, Premiere Pro, Audition / Soundbooth, Encore, Illustrator, Bridge and others ...

My friends always ask me why I'm wasting my time on this project, for them it's just a waste of time. I think the value of any work should not be measured in terms of the material profit that it generates, but by its quality first, and the people to whom it's helpful. After all, why live if we only follow the stream with no distinction ? Dr Ben Brahim Mohammed Pedopsychiatre Fes Beni Mellal Maroc

Authors Ben Brahim Mohammed