Authors Belahsen Mohammed Faouzi

Belahsen Mohammed Faouzi


Neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and semiotics are the foundation and basis for an understanding of neurology. The difficulty experienced by students facing neurology is largely based on the initial difficulty they had to assimilate these core disciplines.

As a professor of neurology at the Faculty of Medicine of Fez since 2003, we have tried all these years by all means, to make neurology specialty more accessible and more attractive. Many thesis work has been devoted to the illustration, simplification and the mapping of different key concepts of neurology and made tools widely used by students of our faculty and even other faculties of the kingdom to better learn neurology.

Thereafter, we had to tackle a major domain: Neurophysiology.

We have entrusted this work to Mr Mohammed Ben Brahim with the primary objective to prepare an educational neurophysiology tool to help students better assimilate the discipline.

The choice of Mr Benbrahim was not a surprise, since when passing in the neurology department as externe, we already felt certain qualities of discipline and devotion necessary to achieve this kind of work.

I must admit that the result and the work has exceeded all our expectations. Both the quality of the scientific content and the technical quality level, this work is unique in the world.

Strangely, it is the thesis where I personally did not have to provide a lot of management effort. Mr Benbrahim, assuming that to simplify concepts, you should always go in the finest details, has made a tremendous effort to collect information and international documentation. The second feature of this project is that Mr Benbrahim also directed the technical side.

Seeing the result, one can only admire. This is the result of hundreds of hours of work. We also noticed in Mr Benbrahim, this fiber and passion for teaching, pedagogy.

We are proud of this work and happy for the students who use it worldwide.

Authors Belahsen Mohammed Faouzi