Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neuromatiq ?

3D/2D series of instructional videos on neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. In addition to :

  • Explanatory text,
  • Interactive 3D animations,
  • Photo galleries
  • Bibliography references and educational references
  • Making-of
  • ...

What is the purpose of Neuromatiq ?

  • Create a medium on neurophysiology and neuroanatomy for general audience.
  • Fill the GAP between the heavy duty scientific highly detailed techinical scientifc articles and broad general biaised media on the nervous system.

What is the target audience for this project?

  • Students in health field "medicine, nursing, psychology and others"
  • Students in other fields can also benefit from the content of this medium
  • Teachers, instructors and professors ...
  • Professionals
  • Curious looking to explore the nervous system

Neuromatiq comes in what form ?

  • Neuromatiq the book
  • Neuromatiq, DVD program
  • Neuromatiq, DVD video
  • Neuromatiq website: www.neurmatiq.com, www.neuromatiq.net

Can I have it ?

  • Neuromatiq is free, ie you can download and use it freely with no limitations and with no charges.

Can I distribute Neuromatiq?

  • Yes, but deliver it for free without modifications, the product should be delivered as it was designed, without any modifications or limitations whatsoever in the content or the container.

How can I contribute?

  • Leave a comment, like and share, subscribe to youtube channel,
  • Participate in the discussion to enrich each subject,
  • Publish your own articles on the website neuromatiq ( Contact the administrator for that )
  • Criticize the things you did not like or didn't find appropriate or scientifically correct,
  • Suggest adjustments, improvements, modifications or updates,
  • Translate the text in a language you master, the translator will have credits and recognition for that and can have a video of his recording for the part he translated,
  • Despite the amount of work and time I gave to this project, I give it for free ... unfortunatly, going further with the project requires money. Feel free to make donations or fund this project. Hosting and website maintenance needs money to operate. For now, my friend Maureen is paying the hosting and the domain names. We decided to choose inexpensive solution but not the best, for example the site is hosted on a server with hundreds of other sites for completely different vocation ... This is not good. I hope later to have enough money to host it on a dedicated server.

Can I use video footage or images or animations of the project and include it in my own project?

  • Only if your project is to deliver free or for personal use.

Why it is free?

  • Knowledge has to be freely spread, I do not see why taxing someone's who wants to learn.

Who made this project?

  • Me personnaly : Mohammed Ben Brahim, This project was supervised by Prof. Mohamed Faouzi Belahsen, Professor of Neurology at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Fez - Morocco.

How long did it take?

      • 4 years.