Chapters 8- Conclusion

8- Conclusion

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"The Art is long, life is short, opportunity is fleeting, experience delusive, judgment difficult." Hippocrates - The first aphorism.

The nervous system is full of puzzles and mysteries, every time we come to explain a phenomenon a hundred other issues put us to the test.

How from an inert mass what the brain can develop a thought, an idea and build awareness and build a strong sense of individuality? How electrical circuits give us this huge subjective illusion of self? How this mass of 1.3 kg happens to us human beings so unique and so powerful? ...

There are a lot of things to say about the nervous system, and what we talked about what support is certainly little or nothing of what we know today, and all human knowledge this area today is likely that very little of what we have yet to discover.

Understanding of the functioning of the nervous system requires a multidisciplinary approach including both biology, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, sociology, history ... and even computer science because the operation of computer systems has many similarities with the functioning of the nervous system .

Chapters 8- Conclusion