Making-Of 7. Post-production

7. Post production

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Post-production in filmmaking involves the whole chain of tasks that scene after the shooting: Editing, Compositing, Editing, Special Effects ...


For post-production I use AfterEffect, Premiere Pro and Photoshop sometimes. After that I produce the scenes 3dsmax with several versions for each, I do the compositing on AfterEffect, The Compositing is the process of mixing and combining different versions of the same scene with different methods of Blending Modes for it to have a look individual and more realistic (see Image).

Different scenes have to shoot a scene with basic colors, a scene with shadow effects, 2 scenes with different types of lights, with a falloff effect (similar to the look of electron microscopy), a scene for depth of field, and other as needed ...

I render the Composite since AfterEffect to have a final image sequence to use that I matter on First pro to make Editing, editing and adding sound.

Other special effects can be achieved on AfterEffect or Photoshop then imported into Premiere Pro. Of course, this varies Workflow video to another depending on the type of production.

When the project is completed on Premiere Pro, I render in two formats:. Flv for use with the program established by Flash/AS3, and DVD compliant mpeg2 treat Encore for DVD authoring.. Premiere pro-

Making-Of 7. Post-production